Parents As First Teachers

Support in the Home Learning Environment

Partnering, Facilitating and Reflecting

The heart of the Parents as First Teachers programme is a flexible, interactive and responsive series of personal visits by trained, certified workers. These visits ideally take place in the home but can take place in a centre or other appropriate setting.

Project workers are drawn from a wide spectrum of social, professional and cultural backgrounds.  All project workers will normally have had further or higher education to be eligible to enrol on a Parents as First Teachers training programme and must be able to show that they will operate with a high level of professionalism.

During  personal visit the project worker

  • Builds rapport with the family
  • Discusses and explains child development based on the latest neurological and sociological research
  • Acknowledges the positive strengths of the parent-child interaction
  • Models, explains and discusses parenting practices
  • Engages in parent-child activities, including book reading, related to the child’s developmental stage
  • Encourages observation of the child’s development
  • Builds parental confidence
  • Summarises new information and follows progress from previous visits to reinforce parent knowledge of parental strengths, newly achieved child development milestones, and activities to support further developmental progress.

With the support of Parents as First Teachers the parent can expand, nurture and enrich the child’s learning experience, and can strengthen and develop a constructive parent-child relationship