Parents As First Teachers

Communities replicate the evidence-based Parents as First Teachers model within an organisational context that has the staffing, capacity and community relationships necessary for successful implementation and achievements of outcomes.

We are pleased that you are interested in implementing the PAFT model to address the needs of families within your community. The following questions are intended as reflection and discussion points to maximise the success of a new PAFT affiliate. It is not necessary to submit  responses to the Parents as First Teachers office. Organisations should use the Readiness Reflection to assure that they are well positioned to develop the Parents as First Teachers Affiliate Plan.

Since compliance with the Essential Requirements is necessary to become a PAFT Affiliate, please ensure that key decision makers review the Parents as Teachers Quality Assurance (QA) Guidelines. The QA Guidelines clearly lay out the expectations for replication of the PAFT Model with an emphasis on meeting the Essential Requirements.




Community Context:

Needs and Relationships

How have you determined a need for Parents as First Teachers in your community?

Are you aware of other similar services in your community? If so, how will Parents as First Teachers complement and extend these services?

If you are blending Parents as First Teachers with another early childhood or family support model, how will you integrate the replication and data reporting requirements?

What community relationships ( groups, agencies, etc ) does your organisation have presently? How do you collaborate with them?

What community relationships do you plan to cultivate as you develop your Parents as First Teachers affiliate( eg advisory group members, referral sources, resources for families)?



Organisational Capacity




Does your organisation have or are you putting in place the necessary capacity and systems for successful implementation of the Parents as First Teachers model? For example:

·         Leadership, direct supervision of parent educators, administration, advisory group etc

·         Resources allocated to technical assistance, quality and evaluation.

·         Information technology

·         Financial planning and oversight

·         Mechanisms/ strategies to promote sustainability



Parent Educators and Supervisors



Thinking about the Essential Requirements and the communities you will be serving, are there specific skills, capabilities and qualities that your staff and supervisor(s) should have? Consider the following:


·         Appropriate educational background and work experience

·         Fit with needs and characteristics of the populations to be served

·         Reflective supervision and administrative skills


What assets are already in place in your organisation and what resources might you bring in to strengthen the staffing component?

Readiness Reflection : next steps

Once you have completed the Readiness Reflection and are ready to become a PAFT Affiliate , the next step is to complete the Affiliate Plan. Please contact Parents as First Teachers (  and we will send you one.

The Affiliate Plan must be completed and approved by the National Office prior to registering staff for certification  training . To become certified parent educators, staff successfully complete the Combined Foundation and Model Implementation trainings.

As a PAFT Affiliate your organisation becomes a partner with an evidence-based home visiting model with numerous studies demonstrating positive outcomes. A successful and sustainable programme must clearly demonstrate its evidence and research base as well as mechanisms for establishing and maintaining model fidelity. Parents as First Teachers provides this foundation to your organisation- and more.